The Circuit features Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg



Ben Bajarin

Ben has been with Creative Strategies, inc, a leading industry analysis, market research, and product research firm since 2000. He covers consumer technology, personal computing devices, semiconductors, investments, and business strategy. His research has focused on the relationship between humans and technology, seeking to understand what drives their behavior with products and services. He joined Creative Strategies after spending time at Cypress Semiconductor and then founding two startups in the late ’90s.

He serves on several Industry Analyst advisory councils for leading technology companies. He maintains active engagement with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and startups. He has also given lectures at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Berkley’s Haas School of Business, and Harvard Business School. He actively advises investment banks like UBS, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley on core industry topics, and aids on investment thesis on all the large-cap tech companies.

Jay Goldberg 

Jay has spent his career at the intersection of Finance and Technology. He has a passion for understanding new technology in the context of international strategic development. He excels at providing companies with strategic options and constructing financial narratives to achieve their global objectives.

Jay's expertise is in the external-facing functions of Finance including Investor Relations, Corporate Development and Strategic Corporate Communications. He speaks fluent Mandarin and have an abiding interest and deep connections in Asia Pacific.

In the past, Jay held a corporate development and partnership role at Qualcomm. Prior to that, he established the corporate development and Investor Relations Functions at Peregrine Semiconductor before helping them realize their full valuation potential, generating $300 million in shareholder value.

​Jay spent almost ten years as a Wall Street research analyst at Deutsche Bank, helping investors navigate mobile and networking technologies. In this role, Jay participated in over 20 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

He is an investing partner at Snow Cloud Capital and authors the blog Digits to Dollars.

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